The Domain Difference:

We help you find your space and we'll share our fee with you.

Monetise your search

When we launched Domain Office Search, we wanted to find a way to do things differently. Put our money where our mouth is and show that what we offer is special.
Commercial property runs on fees, so we thought why not show our clients, new and old, how important they are to us.

We haven’t got a vast marketing budget to spend trying to attract new clients. So, rather than spend money we haven’t got, we modelled the business around sharing our fees with our clients. By doing a good job for you, we want you to recommend us to other businesses that we can help.

As far as we know, we’re the only agency in the world that commits to sharing the fees we’re paid by landlords and providers of space with you, our clients.
It’s not a free service we claim to offer like everyone else – we’re paying you to help you find space.


Step 1

Tell us what you're looking for


Step 2

We find you options and book you in to view the spaces


Step 3

You secure the space on flexible terms and move in


Step 4

You invoice us and we pay you!

How does it work?

Our fee is typically 10% of the first year’s rent. We'll share 20% of our fee with you – that way, you are making money whilst you take time out to search for space and getting help with any moving costs. Some of our clients have chosen to donate their fee share to their preferred charity.

All we ask is you use us exclusively to find you options and make sure we book in the viewings for you, We have sight of the whole market so there's no point in using multiple agencies. Once you've seen the choice of offices, we ‘have the fee position’ with the providers of space. We can then help you secure the space on the best terms for your business.

There’s no catch – All we ask is you use us exclusively as your agent to find you the right office space. Once you've moved in, you invoice us quarterly from when you’ve moved in and if you’ve secured space for a year, you’ll get the full 20% cashback. If it’s a shorter term you needed, you’ll still be entitled to 20% pro-rata (subject to terms and conditions*)

*All invoices are to be paid quarterly and you must invoice in each quarter to qualify


 Please call us on 020 3405 8300 for more info.

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