Some quick tips to get the best from coworking

Wednesday 24 July 2019

Working in a coworking spaces is a super fun way to meet people from all walks of life as well as work collaboratively with your immediate team in a creative environment. These types of spaces are far more flexible, as there are generally no set hours, people come and go as they please and overall provide a more laid-back atmosphere.



Whilst this might sound like the dream, office rules still apply. After all, you don’t want to give multiple businesses the impression that you’re a messy or inappropriate person to work around. With our coworking etiquette tips you can ensure you keep the space a pleasant environment to work:

Keep the noise down

What’s great about coworking spaces is they are often more sociable. However, during busier hours you’ll notice shift in moods where fellow co-workers need to knuckle down on their tasks.

Don’t be that loud salesperson on the phone. If answering your phone is a huge part of your job or you generally need to make lots of phone calls, then move to areas of the office where they allow phone calls or book out a meeting room. Loud conversations can be incredibly distracting, and your fellow co-workers won’t be impressed.


Be wary of confidentiality

With GDPR making businesses warier of confidentiality – be sure that when you’re taking phone calls that give you access to sensitive information that you’re not blurting them out loud. Whilst people might be getting on with their own tasks you don’t want to risk someone else having access to information that only you should be privy to.


Mind the meeting rooms

Many coworking spaces offer meeting rooms as part of the package. Just be mindful that these meeting rooms are being shared across all the business in your space- so be mindful that if you’re constantly booking out meeting rooms for tasks that might not even need one, then this can give a bad impression across the office.

Book meeting rooms sparingly and only when you absolutely need them. Ensure you clean up after yourself if you have a working lunch meeting too! Whilst we’re on the subject of keeping clean…


Keep things clean

Did we mention you should keep things clean? Whilst this might seem like common sense, you’d be surprised at how many workers still neglect the cleanliness f the office.

Building cleaners aren’t always on site 24/7 – and if you’re hot desking then it’s especially important to leave desks in the same, clean condition you found them in.


Be courteous about what you eat in the office

We get it. Sometimes you just have to eat at your desk to get tasks done. However, if you know you’ve got a particularly smelly lunch then consider letting the office know that there could be a temporary odour (only if your co-worker relationships genuinely wouldn’t mind!) or consider taking time out to eat your lunch out of the office.


Take part in the coworking community

Part of coworking etiquette is also taking part in the coworking experience. Even if you’re not interested in team building or social events after work, going out for the occasional office lunch or taking part in a quick office game is a fantastic way to let off some steam and connect with fellow workers.

Getting involved in the smallest things can even lead to bigger opportunities in the future. You might just be remembered for an upcoming project because you took part in mini golf!


Bring your own office supplies

As you’re working in a coworking office – supplies are naturally limited. If you really need something in an emergency, then do ask for it but expect that it might not be readily available or that you’d need to return it within a moment’s notice.

To avoid this, bring the necessarily office equipment you need to perform your job.


Keep within the boundaries

When people rent out office space in a coworking office – you are given access to a certain amount of space. If you spill on to another office or you’re caught “having a quick phone call” in a space that you did not hire out, then this not only damages your relationship with another business owner, but it could also breach the terms of your coworking rent contract.


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