Area Guides for Office Space in London and across the UK

Find the right office with Domain Office Search. Have a look at our area guides to get a pretty good idea of where to locate or relocate your business. Each area guide has a description about the location, the neighbourhood, lifestyle and also transport links. If you wish to further deepen your search, then we also have property listings that you can shortlist and send to us. Otherwise, feel free to give us a bell and we'll take care of it. We have all types of offices available: serviced offices, managed offices, leased offices, shared offices, hot-desking & coworking and virtual offices.

serviced offices in shoreditch


Considered as one of the hippest places in London, Shoreditch is a stone's throw away from Liverpool Street. It marks the start of East London and is in the borough of Hackney. Old Street is very close too. Due to its strategic location, trendy vibes and fantastic artsy presentations, Shoreditch is considered as a business hub amongst those in the creative, media agencies and tech sector.

Office Space In Shoreditch

serviced offices in london bridge

London Bridge

Just south of River Thames, the London Bridge area is packed with new iconic developments such as Tate Modern, the riverside and all the pubs, one of the loveliest spots overlooking the bridge. Surrounded by top transport links such as the recently renovated underground. One of the most connected places for any business due it being close to the City, West End and the Mid End.

Office Space In London Bridge

office space in hackney


Buzzing with the alt and creative community, the borough of Hackney has Dalston, Stoke Newington, Shoreditch and London Fields as central creative hubs. It could be summed that Hackney represents the entirety of the east end, from Bethnal Green, Mile end with the borders ending near Hackney Wick, with businesses being situated even on the outskirts of the Stratford Olympic hub.

Office Space In Hackney

serviced offices in hammersmith


This area is regarded as one of the main business centres in West London. Even though it's just after the West End, Hammersmith is the next big hub for media companies and any established businesses. It's renowned to have one of the most connected underground transport links, also connecting other hubs such as Shepherd's Bush, Chiswick, Earl's Court, and Ealing on the west side.

Office Space In Hammersmith

serviced offices liverpool street

Liverpool Street

Considered as the heart of the city, Liverpool Street has all the high-end offices and all the amenities required for any business to thrive and grow. Couple of steps away from Moorgate, Barbican and Bank, this area is considered as one of the most premium and buzzing regions with Bishopsgate, London Wall, Leadenhall and Fenchurch Street completely imposing in this area of The City.

Office Space In Liverpool Street

office space in Bank


Considered as the home of the Central Bank. Bank forms part of the Square Mile and is close to Liverpool Street, Moorgate, St. Pauls, Monument, Mansion House and Cannon Street. Bank is well known to investment banks and many prestigious financial institutions with its tube station ranked the 8th busiest in London - no wonder why Bank has such a reputation for office space.

Office Space In Bank

office space in camden


Camden is a famous area in the north west of Greater London and is known to be the capital of alt style businesses - considered as a trendy and arty place to live & work in. The vibrant community in Camden inspires a lot of businesses to take off properly and also grow at their own pace. Situated on the Northern line, Camden Town and Kentish Town have a lot to offer in terms of office space.

Office Space In Camden

moorgate serviced offices


Moorgate is the one of the busiest parts of the City, with offices all over Coleman Street, Finsbury Pavement, Fore Street, London Wall, Moorfieds, and Ropemaker Walk. This buzzing area of the Square Mile is just a step away from Liverpool Street, easily accessible from Old Street and also Barbican. It has all the modern facilities one needs including pubs, restaurants, cafes and entertainment. The best part of Moorgate is, the location!

Office Space In Moorgate

Serviced offices in Mayfair


Mayfair is an area classed as a luxury neighbourhood in London and regarded as an affluent area in the West End. It has the reputation of being an upscale district, bordering Hyde Park, with exclusive hotels, gourmet restaurants and also world-famous retailers and tailors. Bond Street is the most famous one, there are far too many reasons to relocate one’s business to Mayfair, have a read.

Office Space In Mayfair

Serviced offices Marylebone


Considered as a chic area, Marylebone borders Paddington, Hyde Park, Mayfair, Fitzrovia and also the famous Regent’s Park. It also has both a modern and village feel to it, and offers a strong transport network. As it is situated in the West End, businesses tend to find office space in Marylebone due to having the best of both worlds – a lovely place to live in and a prestigious location to work in.

Office Space In Marylebone

Serviced offices in Fitzrovia


Fitzrovia is a very affluent area in Central London, just a stone's throw from the West End. This district lies partly in the city of Westminster on the west side and the borough of Camden on the east side. It has the characteristic of having a well-balanced usage of residential, business and retail. The famous Oxford Street is over there, and some also call this area as Noho, as Soho is just south of it. Many businesses tend to have their office over there due to its strong transport links and its strategic positioning.

Office Space In Fitzrovia

office space in holborn


Holborn is the dominant area in the Mid End, with its footprint in both the City of Westminster and the borough of Hackney. It has a reputation of being the preferred location for businesses that are in the professional services. It borders Covent Garden, Fitzrovia, Clerkenwell and also St. Pauls. It has strong infrastructure links, most notably, the Holborn and Chancery lane tube stations and City Thameslink rail station. Due to being positioned so closely to the West End, it is perfect for many in terms of office space.

Office Space In Holborn

serviced offices in victoria london


Victoria is a small district in the City of Westminster, however, has one of the best and busiest transport links in Central London. Victoria is close to Belgravia, Green Park, St James Park and Pimlico. Office space tends to be of premium prices over there as the surrounding area is very upmarket and has some of the best tourist attractions and chill places, such as the Buckingham palace, the Westminster Cathedral, and Cardinal place. The Victoria area is a buzzing place for new and established businesses.

Office Space In Victoria

serviced offices in St Pauls

St Pauls

St. Pauls is an area which houses the iconic St. Pauls Cathedral which tends to attract a lot of tourists, locals and also people from all around London for the prayer services, and sometimes many film producers tend to film around St. Pauls, don’t freak out if you see snipers outside your office. In terms of office space and amenities, St. Pauls is one of the most premium location in London, with bars and restaurants, and high-rise office buildings. The St. Pauls tube station, City Thameslink and Blackfriars are all within reasonable distance, and as a result makes St. Pauls one of the best locations in terms of accessibility and transport services.

Office Space In St Pauls

Serviced offices to rent in Barbican


Barbican is one the most upmarket areas in Central London, nicely tucked in between Farringdon, Old Street, St. Pauls and Moorgate. The famous Barbican centre is the centre of all attention and in terms of reputation, lots of law firms, international banks, and businesses in professional services tend to have their Headquarters based in Barbican. This is due to the reputation of Barbican as a strategic location in the City. With some amazing pubs, upmarket restaurants and buzzing atmosphere, we have no doubt whatsoever why any serious business might consider Barbican for their offices.

Office Space In Barbican

offices to rent in dublin


Dublin is one of the main business hubs and classed as the economic centre of Ireland. It has the tendency to pull large brands such as the likes of Facebook and Google. Northside Dublin and Southside Dublin are open to new office providers and as such flexible office space is on the rise in Dublin. Coworking, shared, and serviced offices are the most popular office option in Dublin at the moment. In terms of agility and competitiveness, Dublin seems to take one of the top spots in Europe with regards to office space. Shane Bourke who leads Irish Office Space will be able to advise on preferred office property shorlists and take your office search in Dublin to the next level.

Office Space In Dublin


The buzzing area at the end of the East End, well we could say Welcome to Stratford, whether you want to work or live. Feel the Olympic vibes and also tap into the affordable accommodation to have the best work/life balance. Be connected to all the major parts of London (Liverpool Street, Canary Wharf, Embankment and even Kent and all international destinations). Secure premium office space at the best affordable prices whilst you can around Here East, the Olympic Village, the Olympic park and Stadium and also the Stratford Westfield shopping centre and High Street. Time to move east!

Office Space In Stratford


People tend to move to Barking for office space and also for living as it is affordable, peaceful, re-energizing, a perfect space to run a business. Also Barking is a place to have alternative office space. As it’s not far from central London, one is able to have balanced work/life. There are lots of affordable office spaces, especially in terms of serviced offices on the high street or even in the outskirts of Barking. Dip into the start of Essex on the east side and get all the facilities required for a fraction of the cost.

Office Space In Barking


There are plenty of office space on Fenchurch street, including the lovely views from the Skygarden, and offices all along the river Thames. Monument has one of the most impressive connectivity in the square mile with fantastic transport links to Bank, Moorgate, DLR and also anywhere west or south. Monument offers some of the best and premium office spaces in terms of serviced offices in London. Demand for offices in Monument keeps on growing, mostly due to the attractiveness of the area.

Office Space In Monument


Southwark is a very central location, not to be confused with the London Borough of Southwark, and is just across the River Thames, close to the Blackfriars Bridge and Southwark Bridge. It's very close to Waterloo, Lambeth, Borough and Bermondsey, and it is this positioning that allows serviced office providers to provide the very best offices for rent at all times of the year. Also the Bankside area, including the Tate Modern are the most famous tourist-pulling attractions and also popular amongst the locals and those that work within the area. Not far is also the famous Borough market. With so many pubs for a mid-day drink and premier infrastructure in the heart of London, no wonder why office space in Southwark is so popular.

Office Space In Southwark


Kensington is a highly-sought location for premium office space as it has some of the most high net worth individuals in London, so the network is very strong there for businesses who wish to level up. It's close to Chelsea, Hyde Park and Belgravia and has fantastic transport links. Kensington is a high catchment area for tourists and everyone who likes entertainment, and it houses the famous Royal Albert Hall, Natural History Museum and also the buzzing Science Museum. Public transport including the tube stations offer reliability, speed and comfort in travelling to the City and also to go anywhere in London. With an assortment of high-class boutique shops. bars and restaurants, the place screams premium. Finding the right office space in Kensington would not be that difficult.

Office Space In Kensington


Situated in the Borough of Islington, Clerkenwell is very popular as an affordable office location for many creatives, design agencies and any type of businesses who would not wish to pay that premium of being in Soho, Oxford Street, or even Covent Garden. It also borders Fitzrovia and also the East London region as well, so it is nicely tucked in; Clerkenwell also houses Finsbury and Pentonville and has many hidden villages inside this busy central London scene. One would also be surprised to find so many parks and gardens and no wonder why it's popular for the upper middle class. This location is the place to go to, if you are serious about both your business and the happiness of your staff. Find your perfect office space in Clerkenwell by getting in touch.

Office Space In Clerkenwell


Everyone is different in Soho, but yet everyone is accepted in the community in Soho, which makes Soho as a location, one of the best for any creative, challenger or alt style business. It is known be a dynamic place with a buzz that exceeds limitations, no opportunities are left unturned if you work in Soho. Just south of Oxford Street and north of Piccadilly Circus, Soho is nicely tucked in and is a great place for employees to unwind after a long day or grab a quick lunch at one of many highly rated restaurants in the area. Soho is also well connected with tube stations at nearly all its corners. Tottenham Court Road is also accessible, and Covent Garden and Mayfair are close as well. Not to forget all the amazing mix of dining, nightlife and shopping options as well as its risqué vibes, all these ingredients make it one of the most open places for creative thinking and making more business. There are all type of office space in Soho, mostly serviced offices and managed offices, so just give us a buzz to know more.

Office Space In Soho


Not to be confused with the City of Westminster which is an entire borough in inner London. Westminster as a location borders Victoria, St James and also Pimlico and connects across the river Thames via the famous Westminster Bridge and also Lambeth bridge and Vauxhall bridge. It houses the iconic Palace of Westminster, the Big Ben and the very well-known 10 Downing Street. This entire area of Westminster screams seriousness and oozes of personality and also professionalism. To note that office space in Westminster comes in many formats such as serviced offices and managed offices, and you will definitely notice the prices are above average and almost premium for the space, get in touch with us to find the best space in Westminster.

Office Space In Westminster


Paddington is considered to be one of the biggest hubs with shiny offices on the west side of the west end. It borders Bayswater, Hyde Park, Lisson Grove and also Marylebone. Also famous for having the well-connected Paddington station with many great links to the west side of the UK. Amongst other popular places are Praed Street, areas around the Paddington Basin. The infrastructure is so good that there are hotels everywhere to cater for high class tourists and also business visitors. Many tend to relocate from other places such as Victoria, Westminster, Moorgate to Paddington due to the premium office space availability at very good value. Office space in Paddington is always developing and there will always be better opportunities to take space in the area, so get in touch.

Office Space In Paddington

Kings Cross

Kings Cross is another busy hub apart from Paddington, London Bridge and Liverpool Street and it houses two big train stations - the Kings Cross one and the internationally famous St Pancras International. This is a former industrial area which has been re-engineered to accommodate modern serviced offices, gardens squares, hip bars and art installations. Many offices there houses global tech giants and also there are lots of serviced apartments. Many tend to prefer to work in Kings Cross as it is a big hub, and employees tend to find nearly anything with regards to unwind after work, a proper lunch or even a mid-afternoon drink. Kings Cross as a hub connects the entire north west, midlands, north, Cambridgeshire and also the north east and the St. Pancras one connects Kent and many international destinations due to the high-speed train line. Office space in Kings Cross has never been so popular, let us know your requirements and we'll find you the best space.

Office Space In Kings Cross

St James

St James is one of the most premium spaces in central London which houses the famous St. James Palace. It borders Green Park, Hyde Park, Belgravia, Victoria, Westminster and Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus - St James is right in the middle. It also houses the Buckingham palace and the very popular St James Park and St James's Square. The well-known Pall Mall street is also in St James. We cannot recommend St James enough if you wish to secure premium office space in central London, we'll assist you to get the best office space in St James, just give us a bell.

Office Space In St James


Knightsbridge is the lush and highly sought-after location that borders South Kensington, Hyde Park and Belgravia. It houses the famous Victoria and Albert Museum is home to the best premium shopping outlets in the world such as Zara and Harvey Nichols. In terms of office space, this location has such a reputation that will leech onto your business to amplify the PR of its success. Many tend to choose Knightsbridge as it offers premium office space in form of well-designed serviced offices, that are ready for businesses to move in from day 1 with fantastic concierge services. We cannot recommend Knightsbridge as a location enough, and as there are always new offices coming on the market, finding the best office space in Knightsbridge would not be an issue.

Office Space In Knightsbridge

Canary Wharf

Hailed as the second financial district in London, and one of the most influential financial hub after the city, Canary Wharf possesses all the necessary ingredients to house any business that wishes to move forward, Godspeed style. The infrastructure and the range of flexible offices that cater for growing tech, telecoms and fintech and financial and professional services businesses are amongst the best. The price can be an issue but not when the value of having an office in Canary Wharf exceedingly supersedes it. Many companies make Canary Wharf their home for activity working and to bring their staff together and communicate as one with other regional offices across the country, the EU and internationally. Plenty of places to unwind for a quick lunch and also of a long day of work, find some of the best serviced offices in Canary Wharf that can power your employees and your business in a post-Brexit environment.

Office Space In Canary Wharf


Manchester is a big business hub in the north east of England and sports some of the best infrastructure including trams, modern buildings, and a solid road network. Also the Manchester rail network connects to most other major hubs such as London. After London, Manchester could be classed as one of the next biggest city, as it is popular with the working class as well as middle class, and it is vibrant community. Etihad stadium and Old Trafford are legacy stadiums, including the local football team that make Manchester even more famous. For office space in Manchester, services offices are constantly being built, so get in touch to get your hands on the best offices.

Office Space In Manchester


Birmingham is a big city that separates London and Manchester and as such is a very important business hub - popular amongst start ups, established businesses. Moreover the Uni of Birmingham keeps the city going at full speed. In terms of rail links, Birmingham is well connected. If you're looking for office space that is value for money, then Birmingham as a location might be an amazing choice, let us know.

Office Space In Birmingham


With Glasgow on the left and Dundee to the north, Edinburgh has been the capital of Scotland since 1437. As one of the main economic hubs and prosperous start up scenes in Scotland, Edinburgh offers a vibrant lifestyle matched by social and economic prospects. Many companies in other parts of Scotland tend to relocate to the capital for many reasons, but one main factor remains the location, as Edinburgh remains one of the most important cities in Scotland and in the UK. No wonder why office spaces in Edinburgh are popping up like there is no tomorrow, please give us a bell for the best office deals.

Office Space In Edinburgh


As one of the second most important economic hubs and city in Scotland, Glasgow is well connected to welcome established companies, buzzing startups and also growing SMEs. The pricing and affordability of office space has a lot to play in bringing businesses together under one solid infrastructure. As Glasgow is well connected by train, rail and also bus networks, it remains as one of the second most important cities in Scotland. As such there is always demand for private office space in Glasgow. Let us know.

Office Space In Glasgow


Coventry is a city in the west of midlands. close to Birmingham. Situated in Warwickshire, it is a vibrant city sporting a uni as well and in that sense, there is always something going on in the city. The St. Michael's Cathedral and the Herbert Art Gallery and Museum are some of the well-know attractions in Coventry. As for the the economy, there has has been several ongoing redevelopments in Coventry that has allowed better infrastructure and thus the space has been created for flexible office space to be up for grabs. Office space in Coventry tends to be value for money, so get in touch for any small or large space requirements.

Office Space In Coventry


Situated in lovey East Sussex, Brighton which forms part of Brighton & Hove, is one of the most vibrant cities in the south. It has a prestigious uni, has excellent transport links to London and the rest of the south east and west. and also tends to be a magnet for new businesses, all types of people, and also premium office space tends to pull serious startups and companies who are more into the media. Renowned for its pebble beach, diverse communities and also large arts, cultural and music scene, Brighton is a city that offers the best of all, and as such accommodation tends to be expensive and office space comes at a premium. Make it count for your business and let us find you the best office space in Brighton.

Office Space In Brighton


Situated in the east midlands region, Nottingham is the next town offering budget accommodation and an award winning public transport system. Also, people who tend to relocate outside London and in the midlands, they find Nottingham a perfect fit for the prices of housing and also to have their own private offices. Always buzzing, it is know to have 3 universities and a very vibrant economy, with its metropolitan economy being the seventh largest in the UK.

Office Space In Nottingham

Newcastle Upon Tyne

Newcastle as the the biggest city in the north east of England, has been redeveloping it's infrastructure for a long time, and today it stands as a city on it's own. Newcastle's economy includes corporate headquarters, learning, digital technology, retail, tourism and cultural centres. It has one of the country's largest universities for research and solid infrastructure with airport, metro, rail and bus networks that allow people to be mobile and also for companies to thrive. Office space is readily available and won't break the bank, so take advantage of brilliant value for money offers on serviced offices in Newcastle.

Office Space In Newcastle Upon Tyne


Leeds in a city situated in the county of west Yorkshire. It has one of the most diverse economies with over 75% of people working in the private sector. As such office space tends to be readily available in Leeds as they are always building new flexible office space. It is north of Sheffields and to the right hand side of Bradford.Apart from the media scene, Leeds is an amazingly vibrant city with the largest legal and financial centre outside London and also with its well-known uni and football team. For many it is a joy to live and work in Leeds, so give us a bell for the best private offices in Leeds,

Office Space In Leeds


Bristol is a well-connected city in the South West of England and its modern economy is built on the creative media, electronics and aerospace industries, Moreover, the city-centre docks have been redeveloped as centres of heritage and culture. The city has two universities, and an assortment of artistic and sporting organisations and venues. It is connected to London and other major UK cities by road and rail, and to the world by sea and air: road, by the M5 and M4, the rail via Bristol Temple Meads and Bristol Parkway mainline rail stations; and also has an airport. Due to all these ingredients and solid infrastructure, office space in Bristol is always in demand, let us know about your office requirements.

Office Space In Bristol


Bloomsbury is a very well-known location in the west end in central London that houses universities, start-ups, state-of-the-art hospitals, and also serious and buzzing companies in professional services. In terms of area and solid infrastructure, Goodge street is on the left, Warren street and Euston near the northern side, followed by Russell Square on the east side and ringfenced by Holborn station and Tottenham court station. It is a joy to work in that area. Bloomsbury is not far from Oxford Circus, the famous Wardour street area and also Soho and Covent garden. To relocate to Bloomsbury, check out our office space in Bloomsbury to rent.

Office Space In Bloomsbury

Milton Keynes

Milton Keynes is a large town in the north west of London in Buckinghamshire and is perfect for any business serious about expanding to relocate at an affordable rate. Milton Keynes has one of the more successful economies in the UK, ranked highly against a number of criteria. It is home to several major national and international companies and most businesses are in services and manufacturing. Milton Keynes as an area also has a solid transport with 6 railway stations and served by inner-city services with the rest of major cities in the UK. The next big towns surrounding Milton Keynes are Luton to the south, Bedford to the east, and Northampton on the north side. For all types of office spaces in Milton Keynes, just give us a bell.

Office Space In Milton Keynes


Slough is a large town in Berkshire and is just outside Greater London on the west side, and is one of the most ethically diverse population in the UK. Slough is also well-known to house a lot of UK HQs of global companies outside London due to affordable large office spaces available in the Slough area. Neighbouring towns are Windsor, Uxbridge, High Wycombe, Maidenhead and Reading and is also well connected to central London with rail services. All we can say about Slough, is that if you have bigger requirements for office space, either managed or serviced, in terms of relocating your Headquarters, then being in Slough might be the best option due to its proximity with central London, its solid rail, bus and road infrastructure and also due to the abundance of office space available in the Slough area. Let us know your requirement.

Office Space In Slough


Aberdeen is the third most populous city in Scotland and is situated in the north east of the country. It has been ranked very high in the most livable cities in the UK and also has a good ranking as an international city. It has been named by one of the supercities leading economic growth in the UK by some and on the other side Aberdeen also has been declared as one of the best cities in the UK to start a business. No wonder why there are many start-ups in Aberdeen and also a lot of SMEs which make Aberdeen a thriving scene. The city literally has everything a business and what its staff need: parks, shopping centres, open spaces and gardens, theatres, concert halls, its highly ranked universities, festivals and performing arts, football and media scene. Aberdeen is highly recommended for serviced offices specially for SMEs and startups, let us know if you wish to view some office space in Aberdeen.

Office Space In Aberdeen


Euston is renowned for its railway station, the Euston station. Apart from that as an area, Euston is right in central London and in the borough of Camden. Euston is just next to St. Pancras station with Euston Square to its left. That whole area of central London has the reputation to attract growing SMEs, and as such Euston through its extensive redevelopment efforts has attracted big international businesses. Moreover, the crossrail project also has been an incentive for many businesses of all sizes to relocate there. As such, Euston now offers a wide range of serviced offices to cater for the needs of businesses who wish their employees to enjoy the best transport services including the amazing work-life balance that Euston an as area offers. Get in touch with us to know about the perfect office space in Euston.

Office Space In Euston

Chancery Lane

Chancery Lane houses both the lane or street and the tube station, and the area itself divides Holborn and Farringdon. The street was traditionally associated with the legal profession but nowadays Chancery Lane is also home to consulting firms, ancillary businesses, and those in professional services. Office space tends to be premium and carry extra weight in terms of location reputation and also in terms of pricing. However, Chancery Lane as an area is highly recommended for serious businesses who are in their next stage in their growth lifecycle and also those who are strong start-ups in their next rounds of funding. For premium office space in Chancery Lane, give us a bell and we'll shortlist the best options for you.

Office Space In Chancery Lane

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