Coworking and hot desks

Tired of working out of noisy coffee shops?

Coworking spaces are a mix of shared office space, business centre facilities and café. They offer a fresh alternative to the more traditional business centres and come with a range of benefits beyond flexible contracts, such as community events and plug & play set up.

It’s not about just a desk – you’ll usually have access to a kitchen, dining areas, well-equipped meeting rooms, bike stores, showers and more.

Unlike a traditional office, coworking spaces consist of members who work for a range of different companies, start-ups or for themselves. The result is an atmosphere that’s relaxed yet professional, collaborative and creative, with a real sense of community at its core.

Often these centres are run as a membership scheme with varying levels of usage commitment, so you can choose what works best for you and your team and control costs when needed.

Hot Desks are one option you can choose in a coworking space – arrive at the centre, find a desk and start work – all whilst enjoying the amenities on offer. If you’re using the same location more regularly, then often you can take a Fixed Desk option so you can really settle in!


We have a large range of coworking options available to you – they range from rough and ready incubator sites to exclusive high-end business lounges – contempory and modern centres to more classic and luxurious options.


A lot of the coworking centres now offer private offices also, so you can grow your business one step at a time.


Contact us and we can discuss how they may be suitable for your needs.

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