If the worst happens and your office space becomes unusable at short notice, we can help.



 We can find you the right space for you and you can take occupancy the same day. The offices will be fully furnished with full connectivity. Your team will be ready to work and any interruption to your business will have been minimal. That’s one of the attractions of flexible office space – you can move in the same day. That applies if it’s one person or over one hundred.

Business Continuity Planning

Many of the larger providers of space we work with also offer Business Continuity packages – think of them as insurance policies in case there’s an issue with your office in the future. You wouldn’t need to secure the space until needed, but you would have an option to secure space at a pre-agreed rate within a pre-agreed area. Many companies have this option built into their Business Continuity Plan.


Please call us if you'd like to talk through the options.

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