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Along with their people, a company’s office spaces will often be their biggest financial outlay. Back in the day, this was a straightforward office, secured long term on a lease.
These days, how people want to work is changing. Technology is the driving force keeping staff and their customers connected and for some companies, the traditional way of working has become obsolete.

There’s a lot of flexible space options out there in terms of choice of products, style of space and overall flexibility. Take a look through the different sections below for more info, but ideally call us on 0203 405 8300 or email team@domainofficesearch.com and we can talk to you about what might work best for your business.

That might be coworking and collaborative options, serviced offices, managed and conventional space – even a combination of these.
No waffle we promise – just straightforward help and advice.

Our services include a free, no obligation search service which involves us searching on your behalf for office space and solutions that meet your requirements. We also arrange viewings, and can even assist in the negotiating of your office rental agreement.

We believe we’re the only agency that also shares our fee with our clients. We will pay 20% of our fee to your business for letting you help you secure you the right options. That’s just one of the ways we believe Domain is different.



Office Space London and across the UK

Whilst conducting an office search for your company, especially within the UK, if you’re looking for office space in London, be it central, east, west, north or indeed any area of Greater London, it’s imperative that you weigh up the advantages of serviced offices versus those of a leased office.

In terms of office spaces in Greater London, each area of London attracts their own types of businesses due to the vibe, the infrastructure and the type of neighbourhood that London offers. Lifestyle for staff is a great factor and companies also tend to include consultations around their company culture and atmosphere whilst trying to find the right office space in London and the UK.


Factors influencing office space

Other factors when searching for office space include whether the space you need is one of the following: private or shared, suitable for start-ups, creative, corporate, temporary or medium and long term, serviced or even larger managed office spaces.

Serviced offices tend to be popular as any company can instantly move in without worrying about the infrastructure installation and deployment, such as internet, furniture, water, electricity and other facilities such as printing and more - all is usually included. In terms of choices for serviced office space, London and UK providers offer flexible workspaces which allow companies to tap into the flexible working style of their workforce, and as such can avoid the staff feeling they’re tied to their desks. At Domain, we respect the fact that work has to be serious but can be fun too and the more staff appreciate their working environment and office space, in general the happier and more productive they are.

In terms of office space searches in London, there has been a shift in demand, before it used to be more about leased spaces, but nowadays those companies which are fluid enough consider serviced offices and different types of flexible workspaces to accommodate to their business needs.


Flexible workspaces

Nowadays, there are hybrids that encapsulate the leased offices models coupled with fully or partly serviced office models. There are other arrangements that can also impact on how workspaces can be redesigned or remodelled. In short, as a business, if one is not capitalising on these changing office space models, then you would be missing a really good deal with office space providers with specific reference to negotiating with them to secure the right space at the best price.

The team at Domain understands these dynamics in an office space search and negotiation stages, and as such are completely ready to get the best value out of each stage of a business' office search process. With decades of combined experience in the flexible office space sector, the staff at Domain offer a consultative and strategic approach infused with a dose of magic (well let’s just hear from some of our clients...)


Finding the right office space

We work and find options all across the UK, in cities such as Manchester, Bristol, Leeds, Newcastle, Brighton, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Glasgow, Milton Keynes, Nottingham and Birmingham but Domain also specialises in finding the right office space in London for any types of companies who are serious about relocating in London, or from outside into London. We also help international clients from the EU, the US and other parts of the globe to establish a base in London.

It's never too late to switch to a boutique real estate agency that will help understand your needs and hand-hold you throughout the process of searching for the right office - Domain and other similar commercial real estate agencies understand how daunting this process can be, so it is very important to work with the right office space agency that will be able to deliver the best service.

Whether it’s London or anywhere else across the UK, flexible workspaces are available and ready for your business – what we’ll do is narrow the search to the right ones for you.


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