Virtual Offices


We can help you find the right high quality business address, without any of the overheads that come with taking on actual office space.


By using a Virtual Office you can benefit from a fantastic address even if you're hardly ever there, Virtual Offices can be used as an entry level prior to taking a physical office, alternatively it can be used to simply give you a presence within your desired location.


A Virtual Office would generally come with the following:


  • A prime business address
  • Dedicated phone number with call handling so you don’t miss any important calls
  • Post redirection


Most Virtual Office providers will also offer the following services on site:


  • Meeting rooms when needed
  • Office usage (agreed hours per month)
  • Staff to carry out admin duties on your behalf


This product can be ideal for young businesses that can't yet afford office space or companies with mobile staff. Virtual Offices also can benefit all companies that want to establish their business in new geographical areas.

Contact us and we can discuss how they may be suitable for your needs.





Features of a Virtual Office Solution:

A professional business address that portrays the right image
As a business you need to be taken seriously - that means a professional image and making the right impression. The address you use can be your trading address and also often your company’s registered address. In terms of being cost efficient and cost effective, a virtual office gives you the ability to run your business professionally using a prestigious address, without the costs of physical office space. If you are expanding into new geographical areas, then a virtual office means your business has a real presence in the area.


Use of meeting room facilities when needed
As well as needing to hold physical meetings, sometimes you may need a little privacy when taking calls, video calls and access to meeting rooms solves this. Whilst looking at a virtual office package, it is important to cross-check whether meeting room credits or hours are included. Some providers will throw in some meeting room hire credits as part of their virtual office services; if you need more, then meeting rooms can be hired at discounted rates. Therefore, as a virtual tenant, you have all the benefits of a commercial office address including meeting room hire facilities but without actually renting physical space.


Strength in the community of like-minded people
There’s many flexible office space providers that provide virtual office solutions, in addition to their current serviced office space offerings, so they naturally have a local, national and sometimes a global community of companies under their wing. In this sense, when a business has access to a complete virtual office solution, they can apply to be part of that community and as such can participate in networking and community events, and also leech off the vibes of that community. A lot of companies attribute their growth due to the power of the community that surrounds them, if there are more like-minded people in and around the business, it helps inspire and upscale.


Opportunities to accelerate growth by networking, mentoring and client meetings
Most virtual office providers have a physical location where you can access their premises in terms of their communal space (some also have business-class workspaces) in between normal office hours such as 9am to 5pm. In this respect, one can also hold the occasional client visits there. In terms of networking, due to other businesses connected to the facility, one would be able to network with them as most virtual office providers offer a platform to network as they hold networking events for all their clients, both virtual and office.


Mailbox facilities for incoming/outgoing post and mail forwarding service
In terms of receiving physical post, no business can risk missing important mail. Any basic virtual office solution will factor in the service to take incoming physical mails and store them in a mailbox for you. Some facilities can scan your mails and electronically forward to you whilst most others will store them until you physically come collect them at some point during the month. Mail handling and forwarding as a service is a key feature that is provided by reputable virtual office providers.


Receptionist facilities to take care of call answering and forwarding
Having your incoming calls handled well is critical for your business. Some providers offer basic telephone answering facilities - someone will take your call in the company's name and take a message for you. Some receptions also can do a call divert, call forward to you or also do a call to email transcription. Others with a more complete call answering facility might give your business a dedicated answering service, a local phone number, a non-geographic number or any number you wish to use, with a dedicated receptionist virtually managing all your calls for your business.


A prestigious base to maintain and expand your business
Location is key for many businesses when selecting a virtual office. Take the time to understand which area works for you, either from a prestige point of view, or showing prospective clients that your business is based in the area. Not only are the terms and inclusive services of virtual offices flexible, but also the prices of virtual offices vary according to the services you choose. There is complete virtual office solution to meet the budget and needs of any business. Having a virtual office involves having all the benefits of a prime business location and full business support, without the associated costs of a serviced or leased office.


Please contact us if you'd like to find the right virtual office for you.

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